Intensive Leaching of Gold (ILR) Training Course


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The intensive leaching of gold (ILR) training course is a comprehensive, technically focused program developed and designed for metallurgists, engineers and advanced operations personnel. The course has been designed as an online, do at your own pace program providing technical people with the knowledge to get the very best out of the unit process.

Consistency of knowledge and unit operation is the key to best practice and this was recognised by Gold Fields Limited who in collaboration with Gekko, identified the need and the benefits from which the course has been built. The course will provide individuals and organisations throughout the world the knowledge to maximise value from the InLine Leach Reactor.

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This course consists of 7 modules, each module includes an explanatory video and a quiz. Modules included in the course are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Intensive Leaching of Gold
  • Module 2: Introduction to the Gekko Batch ILR
  • Module 3: ILR Sequence overview and its stages
  • Module 4: Optimisation of Leach Recovery and Reagents
  • Module 5: Optimisation of Gold in Solution Recovery
  • Module 6: Gold Leaching Agnostics
  • Module 7: ILR Gold Reconciliation and Auditing

Lastly, there is a final assessment which compels the knowledge transferred from the Course to be applied.