Store your gold in the bank and not in the tailings

Gekko introduces Digital Solutions

The Gekko OLGA and Carbon Scout will revolutionise the industry’s ability to measure gold circuit inventory and recovery in real time, move it into the digital world and provide opportunity for full automation. Digital is the future of mining!

OLGA is a world first onstream analyser designed to continuously read low grade gold grades in slurries and solutions, giving operations the ability to see and control their plants in real time. The alternative traditional sampling methods involve significant delays – up to one or two days for feedback.

The Carbon Scout is a self-contained, ground-level sampling system which will improve carbon concentration measurements in carbon-in-leach and carbon-in-pulp circuits to an accuracy of ±0.5 grams of carbon per litre of pulp. Uniquely, multiple other data points include slurry density, pH, DO and gold on carbon. Data profiles are provided in every tank, every hour.

Smarter together

Gekko’s belief

At Gekko we believe in collaboration. We work “Smarter Together” with our mission to “transform mining and the environment”. 

As a company we have invested the time of over sixty of our outstanding people to better understand what makes us tick. …what we believe in and what drives us to be world’s best. What we discovered is that our team is passionate about transforming mining and the environment for the better and that working collaboratively is necessary to achieve our goals and those of our partners. This is how our full Gekko Systems corporate manifesto or belief was born ..

The Gekko Manifesto/Belief …” only by embracing smart ideas together can we transform our world”

We have summarised this belief in our tag line “smarter together”. It seems obvious to us that to achieve meaningful change, we have to work together.


Underground processing plant 

Python plant fly-through

Installed above ground or deep within mines, the Python specialises in utilising energy-efficient comminution, gravity separation and flotation processes to reduce the ore to a coarse size, which reduces the downstream processing energy costs.

The resultant mineral-rich fraction, concentrated to 10-30% of the original mass, requires much less energy to be hauled to the surface, which drastically improves returns.


TMAC pours gold

Learn about the Hope Bay project

TMAC Resources Inc. (TMAC) commissioned Gekko Systems to design, build, install and commission its processing plant for the Doris mine site at Hope Bay, Canada. TMAC required a plant that was low energy, low height, easy to transport and install; making Gekko’s modular plant solutions a perfect fit for the project.

The project was structured in two separate stages to accelerate order-to-production timeframes. Stage one has been recently completed with the delivery, install and commissioning of Gekko’s flagship Python process plant with the capacity to treat 1000 tonnes of mill feed per day, and a concentrate treatment plant capable of treating up to 300,000 ounces of gold per annum. Stage two involves a second Python plant which will bring full throughput capacity up to 2000tpd.


Used globally in over 160 countries

The construction of the InLine Leach Reactor 

First developed in 1997, the InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) as a breakthrough technology for the gold sector providing an innovative approach to precious metal concentrate treatment and was the first modern commercialised technology for the application of intensive cyanidation. Based on the principle of the bottle roll, which has been used for decades as the most reliable test work method for gold and silver leaching, the ILR has provided benefits over traditional physical separation steps, such as using shaking tables.


The ILR’s innovative design and efficient mineral leaching chemistry is providing cost, production, and improved security to many operations worldwide. Gekko has installed over 160 commercial ILR units into more than 30 countries, treating concentrate masses ranging from 0.5tpd in batch units up to 10tph in new generation continuous systems.